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Weber River Clean Up, June 9, 2018 from 10:00 – 2:00

Weber River Stewardship

There is a lot of garbage that gets accidentally lost into the Weber River.  The main cause of this problem is that people are not “Rigging to Flip”, are wearing flip-flops, and are floating on flimsy flotation devices that are not meant to handle the rough terrain of the Weber River, and often pop.

The most common trash items we collect along the river include opened and unopened drink containers, flip-flops, and flimsy float tubes that are not rated for whitewater river use.

Even though it is still pre-season for Summer 2018, there is plenty of trash left over from the end of last summer, and the off season.

Let’s make a difference!
Rally your troops and volunteer to clean along your favorite stretch of the Weber River! There is plenty of garbage on land at access points and at water level.  This river flows all the way from the Uinta Mountains to the Great Salt Lake, with many access locations, so there are many opportunities to make this a Weber River Basin-wide effort!

We will park a trailer at Taggart, near the train bridge with a “Weber River Clean-Up” sign like shown in the photo. Please deposit any trash collected along the Weber River in garbage bags and place in the trailer by 2:00 pm.
We will weigh and start a public log of the amount of trash collected from the Weber River on an on-going basis.

If you collect garbage on the Weber River but cannot bring it to Taggart for weighing and tracking, please weigh it and snap a photo.  Then send the photo and description of where you collected and how much trash you collected to us to be included in the log of overall efforts on the Weber River.  Please call 435-649-8092 for our email address.

By participating in this clean-up effort, you acknowledge that you are doing so at your own risk, and that Destination Sports or any of our affiliates are not responsible for your safety. Only you are responsible for your own safety, so stay safe out there!

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