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River Guide Training Course

Starts May 31, 2024! Sign up now!

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$ 400

Dive into Adventure with our River Guide Training program near Park City, on the Weber River in Henefer and Morgan!

Learn to safely navigate a paddle raft down the class II whitewater of the Weber River!

Do you want to work as a professional river guide this summer?
Do you want to learn to river guide for personal reasons like taking your friends and family out on the river?

You can learn the skills and gain experience to build confidence in navigating and carrying passengers safely down the river in a paddle raft. The successful completion of our river guide training program will meet the requirements of the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Division of Outdoor Recreation to qualify you to carry passengers for hire on the Weber River.

River guiding on half-day and full-day trips on the Weber River in Henefer, Taggart, and Morgan is a great summer job for all types of responsible adults who are physically fit, have good interpersonal skills, and love being active in the outdoors.  Many of our river guides are school teachers, school bus drivers, college students, nurses, EMTs, mechanics, ski instructors, and moms who love being out on the river in the summertime.

Whether you want to learn to guide a paddle raft for personal reasons, or if you want to become a professional river guide, this is the place to start!