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Destination Sports & Clients Donate $3,484 to Weber River Partnership 501c3 non-profit

Destination Sports owners and staff have a strong river stewardship ethic. 

Weber River in winter

Snowy Weber River in the Uinta Mountains

Our team puts many volunteer hours into river garbage clean-up efforts each summer.

Our owner Dawna Zukirmi puts countless volunteer hours into local Morgan County government outreach, tourism development, and river recreation improvement efforts for the benefit of the Morgan community, where she was born and raised. She is also a founding board member and participates heavily in the works of Weber River Partnership, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to advance collaboration, coordination, and education within the Weber River Watershed by improving communication among diverse stakeholders to develop actions that will be mutually beneficial. Dawna has been instrumental in the achievement of non-profit status for Weber River Partnership, and she continues to serve on the Board of Directors as Secretary.

Up through February of 2022, Destination Sports’ clients donated $1742 to Weber River Partnership through our online reservations form, when booking tours.  Destination Sports matched the client donations with another $1742 for a total charitable donation amount of $3484 that we donated to Weber River Partnership on March 11, 2022.  These donated funds allowed Weber River Partnership to open a bank account and get things off to a great start!

Many other donations of money and time have since come into Weber River Partnership from a variety of partners including Trout Unlimited, Summit Land Conservancy, NRCS, Utah Division of Water Quality, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, and Campbell Scientific, as well as the works of many other partners and private citizens.

Click here to learn more about Weber River Partnership.

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