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River Guide Training Program starts May 31, 2024!

River Guide Training class on the Weber River starts May 31, 2024!

Do you want to learn how to navigate class II whitewater (either for work opportunities or just for fun)?
Do you want to work as a river guide on the Weber River this summer?

Weber River paddle rafting

Paddle Rafting – Rock Garden – Weber River

Check out our River Guide Training class, taught by a senior river guide, trip leader, and instructor Holly Ackett.  In addition to leading and instructing our river guide training program, Holly also teaches Wilderness First Aid, Basic First Aid, and CPR classes.  She has been with Destination Sports since high school, and she is the Morgan County Swiftwater Rescue Team Captain.

Snowy March Dry Suit River Rafting

Holly Ackett – She likes to raft in March, too.

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