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Weekly Full-Day Rafting & Kayaking Club for Youth (Hike & Paddle)

Quick Details

$ 60

Youth Summer Day Camp

Full-Day Paddle & Hike weekly rafting and kayaking club for youth.  

“Life on the Weber River” Summer Youth Day Camp has received rave reviews from kids and parents alike! This active and engaging weekly outdoor program inspires children with a love for river rafting, as well as an appreciation for the animals and plants, and the social and geological history of this majestic canyon land and river system.

Destination Sports is an experienced outfitter that is licensed through Utah State Parks. Our Weber River Adventures day camps are for youth ages 8 – 18.  This is an excellent opportunity for your child to experience adventure and learning in nature, away from the normal hustle and bustle of city life.

PRICING: $60 per day

INCLUDED: We will provide all the gear needed, including rafts, paddles, life jackets, and transportation to all activities within the day camp itinerary.  We will have drinking water available to refill bottles.  Restrooms are available off and on throughout the day.

All of our river guides are certified in First Aid and CPR.  Our lead instructors and guides are expert naturalists, and many are employed during the school year as public and private Utah school teachers and ski instructors.

WHEN:  9:00 a.m. to 4:00 or 4:30 p.m. on Tuesdays in the summer


9:00 am: Drop kids off in front of our store in Morgan, at 103 N. Commercial Street.

4:00 pm: Pick kids up at our Base Camp in Henefer on North Henefer Frontage Road, near mile marker 114.
Or, at 4:30 pm: Pick kids up in Morgan at 103 N. Commercial Street.


DAY CAMP ACTIVITIES LOCATIONS: Destination Sports’ main base camp is in Henefer.  We have exclusive access to private riparian and upland properties in Morgan and Henefer We will also visit public trails, state parks and reservoirs, and historical markers around these areas.  We will be paddle rafting on the Weber River each day on different stretches between Henefer and Morgan.

Day Camp Itinerary

On Tuesday mornings, we will alternate between hiking and lake kayaking.  Then in the afternoons we will raft and kayak on the Weber River.

*We may switch some activities around, based on current weather conditions.

WHAT TO BRING EACH DAY to stay nourished and hydrated, protect from sunburn, and stay warm and comfortable:

  • Box lunch
    • hard-sided to protect from getting smashed in the cooler
  • A backpack containing the following items
    • Snacks for mid-morning and mid-afternoon refueling breaks
    • Reusable water bottle, filled
      • we will supply water for refills
    • Quick-dry long pants and long sleeves
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Hat with brim
    • Fleece jacket and rain jacket on cool or rainy days
    • Change of warm and dry clothes, socks, and shoes
    • Closed-toe water sandals and comfortable hiking shoes with socks. Your child’s feet will get wet and dirty.  Keen water sandals or similar is recommended, but even old tennis shoes are acceptable for all activities.

Other things I need to know:

Please let us know if your child has any allergies or medical concerns.

If a full day is too long for your child, check out our half-day river paddling club option.
The half-day club trip joins together with the full-day camp kids at 12:30 for a 1:00 river trip launch.